Candy Cake

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Cake Match3 is a 2D arcade game where you need to swipe sweet cakes to match the same cakes. Play this amazing puzzle game and try to complete all the tasks to win. Play this game now and choose between two game levels (a level or an endless mode).

In the level mode you have 20 very interesting levels in which u have to solve all the combinations of 3 cakes using the number of moves. If you exceed this number, you lose u must restart the level.
Each level introduces new challenges and complexities. Game has a beautiful design and will be a great opportunity to test your logical skills

In endless mode you have to take care of the time and make as many combinations as possible
to collect as many points you can. So

Candy cake is a passionate game that you will surely have fun with. Playable on any device with a browser, no download required with simple and intuitive gameplay interface

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